bandeau de gammes

Our categories of fertilizers

The Samad El Ghella product range perfectly meets the specific needs of Moroccan farmers.  A commitment for quality placing customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities, Maroc Samad invests in Research and Development in order to provide new high quality products. The respect of the best hygiene and security standards is also a part of the priorities of Maroc Samad.

Potassium Fertilizers

Powder potassium sulfate

48/50% de K2O

Potassium chloride

KCL 60% K2O

Granular potassium sulfate

48/50% de K2O

Nitrogen Fertilizers

Urea 46% N
Ammonium nitrate 33,5% N
Ammonium sulfate 21% N

Soluble Fertilizers

Soluble potassium sulfate

50% de K2O

Potassium nitrate


Calcium nitrate

15-0-0+26 CaO

Magnesium sulfate

16% MgO

Magnesium nitrate

11-0-0+16 Mg0

Monophysical phosphate

12-61-0 MAP

OCP Products

Di-ammonium phosphate

DAP 18-46-0

NPK 15-15-15-10S
Mono-ammonium phosphate

MAP 11-52-0

TSP 00-45-00
NPK 16-11-20
NPK 17-16-12
NPS 12-46-0-7S
NPS 19-38-0-7S

Special Products

Phosphoric acid 54% P2O5
Nitric acid 68%